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#3 – I’m in love with myself (AKA Be the kinda person that you would date)


I recently finished reading Marie Forleo’s book, Make Every Man Want You: How To Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself.  I loved this book and highly recommend it to all women!

You can find it here.

For the last few months I have been dating here and there (providing my roommates with the juicy details – sorry, boys) and I have pretty much adopted the mantra that I’m not “looking for a relationship.”  They always say that when you’re not looking for it, it finds you, so who knows what the future holds for me.  And, while I’m not looking for it, that doesn’t mean that I’d resist it.

But I’m not looking for it.

I’m just focused on other things right now.  I moved to New York City four and a half months ago.  I am attempting to really make a mark in the professional entertainment industry.  I miss my cats.  I miss my family (less than I miss my cats, obviously).  I have trouble balancing performing, trying to make money, attempting to combine those two things, maintaining sanity and clarity in this crazy business and this crazy city, and finding time to completely turn off my brain and recharge my batteries.

So, why would I read that silly book if I’m not looking to attract men?

The same reason why I would recommend it to ANY woman (single, in a relationship, it’s complicated, engaged, married, lesbian) OR man.  Because the book shifts your point of focus from the people you are trying to attract and to what you should be focusing on anyway – YOU.

I’m certainly no expert on romance and relationships but I do feel that I have more clarity on the subject than I have ever had before.  And it’s not because I’ve figured out men or anything.  I don’t think that anyone will ever be able to figure out anyone, ever.

So, why try and figure someone else out?  Why not try and figure out you?

Truth is, until you know how to have a fulfilling and happy life on your own, you can’t have a healthy relationship.