Week-End Wisdom #1


No life is without struggle.
So, every day, wake up and remember that you fought for today
and you deserve to make it amazing.

I’ve decided to begin a series of Week-End Wisdom entries.  I was inspired this morning when I was up at 7am (yuck), putting my make up on and getting ready for my day, and a few of the battles I’ve fought over the last year inexplicably crossed my mind.  I’m sure you know the feeling – that your heart jumped into your throat and is threatening to choke you.

My overactive mind has always tried to get the best of me.  I used to find otherwise happy days being completely demolished (I’m not exaggerating – ask my ex-boyfriends) by ONE thought, real or imagined, rushing into my mind.  I would allow that one thought to lead to hours of anxiety and stress.  I thought that this self-sabotage was beyond my control, that it was just the way my mind worked and something that I would always have to combat.

Well, I was only partially correct.  Over the last few years I have had to combat my tendencies for anxiety and, while I’m certainly not completely free of my mind’s tricks, I have come up with mind-tricks of my own that have WORKED.

Today’s Week-End Wisdom is all about acknowledging the struggles that are REAL and commending yourself for having survived those struggles.  We’re all survivors of our own tragedies and we have every right (and responsibility) to recognize our strength and vitality.  The battles you’ve fought haven’t ruined you.  Those battles have made your well deeper, increasing your capacity for compassion and love.  Every experience is a learning experience.

Because, throughout it all, you have made the decision to remain on this Earth, to keep moving, to keep dreaming.  So, as stubborn as you might be to admit it, you at least have some shred of hope that today will be better than yesterday.  And you deserve to make today amazing.

“What day is it?”
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day!” said Pooh.
A.A. Milne


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