So, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now.  Since my LiveJournal in college (which I went back and read recently, to find it was embarrassingly revealing and personal – I wonder how many people are now going to try and find it.pleasedon’t.), I have been unsuccessful at maintaining a blog.  I have tried a few different ideas for themed blogs:

  • Pretty Girls Live Charmed Lives: a blog about how if you’re smart you can use your looks to get free stuff (i.e. hair modeling for a free hair cut, free admittance to events by agreeing to wear a cute dress and mingle with the crowd, etc)
  • I Wish I Was Gaga: a blog to coincide with my cabaret idea based on the idea that defining a person’s identity based on gender, race, profession, hair color, background, religion, etc is ludicrous and frustrating.
  • Taking The Plunge: a blog where I write about every audition I go to in NYC and give advice about living the life of an actress here.

I still think that all of these are good ideas, but I can’t seem to stay interested in one topic long enough to write a continuing blog about it.  Really, my fear is that my fan base would become so ginormous that there would be a riot when I inevitably lost interest and stopped writing.  I can’t take that kind of pressure.  I already disappoint people enough by forgetting to respond to text messages.

So, I figured that I would just start a blog where I can write about anything and everything.  I don’t find myself very interesting but I am aware that I am doing something that everyone can relate to – I’m following my dreams.  I’m a girl from a small town in Northeast Georgia who moved to New York City all by herself to pursue a career in acting and singing.  I’ll admit that that’s pretty awesome.

I also have thoughts from time to time that I think the whole world deserves to hear.  Who am I to keep all this brilliant insight to myself?


Did I mention I’m hilarious?

And modest.

So, yeah, this is my blog!  I hope you like it :o)

#1 – Where I explain my blog (AKA Disclaimer)


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